The gateway to the freshness of the North


Québec’s North Shore: an impressive basin of fine resources.

Québec’s North Shore spans over 800 km of seafront. This massive body of water is home to a wide variety of fish, such as halibut, turbot, cod, herring and mackerel. It is also the main habitat for many crustaceans, molluscs and sea food, such as crab, shrimp, lobster, mussels and clams—just to name a few.

The region’s fishing fleets are spread out over different zones; quotas are allotted to fisherman in order to ensure that resources levels remain optimal. The region’s workforce has a long-standing experience in fishing and boats are subject to strict government regulations on quality and hygiene.

Fisherman and processing plants alike have developed, over time, close partnerships to offer a multitude of products that are tailored to the distinct tastes of consumers and respect the highest standards regarding sustainable fishing.