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Fish for something new

When you source products from Pêcherie Manicouagan, you help your clients create amazing things.

Do you buy in volume and are looking for quality seafood that is available, at great market prices? Are you aiming to streamline your suppliers to save on time and costs? Do your clients demand sustainably fished seafood with environmentally friendly fishing methods and honest labeling?

Discover Pêcherie Manicouagan, the gateway to great coldwater seafood from the St. Lawrence River.

Your go-to source for coldwater seafood

Pêcherie Manicouagan is your go-to source for both standard and unique fish and seafood products, including Snow Crab, Whelk, Stimpson’s Surf Clam, and Greenland Halibut (Turbot), and Atlantic Halibut. We can also help you get Nordic shrimps, Scallops, Lobster, and many more. Our products offer only the highest quality seafood and fish—at competitive prices. Our production capacity is impressive, ensuring that even major orders can be delivered quickly.

If you are looking for a reliable fishing partner that goes the extra mile and with a human touch, contact us today.