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A fresh, flavorful alternative to other types of fish!

Atlantic halibut, which is a deliciously firm and flakey white fish, is a fish lovers’ favorite. Since its flesh is firm, it stands up to all types of cooking methods. That means you can enjoy it cooked in a wide range of original ways.

Halibut is the largest of all flat fish and can reach 2.5 meters in length and weigh over 200 kg. This fish lives in the deep waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of St. Lawrence and only rarely enters areas less than 60 meters deep. It is fished from April until September.

Here are the packaging formats we offer.

fletan web
Whole; fresh or frozen (without the head)
Size: 10-30 lbs, 30-50 lbs, 50-80 lbs, 80-120 lbs and 120 lbs per halibut
Frozen halibut loins
Weights vary
IQF-frozen halibut cheeks
2 X 5 lbs per case