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Unique seafood dishes require unique Stimpson’s Surf Clam!

The Stimpson’s Surf Clam is a tasty mollusk with a sweet delicate flavor similar to that of lobster and scallops. The product can be prepared in two parts that are sold separately on the market—the foot and the mantle. The foot of the Stimpson’s Surf Clam is perfect for sushi and other dishes where presentation is key, while the mantle goes very well in all recipes for mollusks and seafood.

The Stimpson’s Surf Clam is a bivalve mollusk found mainly on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River. It is harvested from July to November using a water jet dredge. The shell is flamboyant in color, with an orange-red edge and white base. The mantle is amber white in color with thin strips of orange.

The Stimpson’s Surf Clam is ready-to-eat, offered in a delicate brine that enables seafood lovers to fully appreciate its taste and tenderness. We make a delicious homemade chowder that is canned—a major hit with patrons of our restaurant! Our Stimpson’s Surf Clams are also available frozen individually or in blocks.

Here are the packaging formats we offer.

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Canned mantle (non-refrigerated product)
24 X 5 oz and 9 X 21.6 oz box
Frozen mantle in block
1 x 7 kg per case
10 x 1.5 kg per case
Frozen feet (Hokkigai)
10 x 1 kg per case
2 L = 29 g and more (40/1 kg)
Large: 24 g to 28 g (41 to 50/1 kg)
Medium: 20 g to 23 g (51 to 60/1 kg)
Small: 14 g to 19 g (61 to 74/1 kg)
3S = 13 g to 1 g (74 and more/1 kg)
Frozen feet (Hokkigai)
Orange, Yellow, Broken
5 kg per case
Canned Stimpson’s Surf Clam Chowder
24 X 338 ml and 9 X 1300 ml cans box